Total Transformation Package

Reimagine Your Personal Image

Pat’s passion is to empower you to create your unique personal style.  With the Total Transformation package you will not only learn about the four main building blocks that are keys to achieving your best image, but you will also master and apply the skills that you have learned.  You will increase your confidence and style when you are selecting an outfit for the day, shopping, and in your job or vocation.  Each person is unique, but we have found consistently that those who take each of the 4 steps below, contained in the Total Transformation package, become the most satisfied and empowered to look and feel their very best.

Are you frustrated with your current wardrobe and style?

Are you tired of wasting money on outfits that are lackluster or frumpy?

Are you looking to take your image to the next level for a potential promotion or new business?

Are you in a rut and ready for a change?

It’s time to make the investment in yourself to look and feel your very best!

How does the Total Transformation package work?

Included in your package are 4 sessions with Pat within a 90 day period.  You will be guided into each step and each session will build upon what you have learned in the previous session.  At the end of our sessions you will learn how to master:

  • Color – You will understand how to select the very best colors, patterns and contrast levels for outfits and accessories
  • Styleyou will understand why things flatter or detract from your figure and be able to select the very best styles for your hair, clothing and accessories: everything from shoes to necklaces and everything in between.  You will have a personalized lifetime style website membership to guide you (and refer to years later) on selecting the very best styles for everything from hats and necklines to lengths of garments and shoes….over 650 garment and accessory elements are covered!
  • Wardrobe a full wardrobe audit is included- you will have weeded out any unflattering garments and your closet will be organized by color and functional for your lifestyle. Pat will create 30-40 new outfit ideas in an online look book before you even go shopping!
  • Shopping you’ll learn firsthand how design principles apply to your unique figure as Pat guides you and teaches you with real examples of what to look for and avoid in the future.We will shop with a plan from your wardrobe audit for any missing gems or staples that will make your wardrobe complete and give you the most mileage and flexibility.

You will receive:

  • A style guidebook with key design and styling principles and how to apply them correctly to your figure, including body and face shape analysis
  • Personal Style analysis and in depth look at your style and lifestyle to match new purchases with your ultimate life goals
  • Personal color fan (an invaluable shopping tool) and color guidebook including everything you need to know about selecting the best colors and patterns for eyewear, accessories, clothing and hair color.
  • Full wardrobe audit including virtual look book of new outfit combinations created (30-40 minimum) and personalized shopping plan emailed after audit- including links to suggested items that may be hard to find locally
  • Personal shopping- 4 hours of shopping at a mutually agreed upon destination.
  • Skin Analysis and mini makeover session including key suggestions on those skin care/cosmetic products that will take your image to the next level
Bonus #1:  Core wardrobe plan to build or rebuild your wardrobe upon

Bonus #2:  1 hr. virtual shopping session after the in-person shopping to find any additional items that were not found locally

Bonus #3:  Additional outfit photo collages created after our shopping session to incorporate new items into your wardrobe and give you additional outfit sections

12+ hours of consultations with Pat plus virtual styling and outfit collage creation

Investment: $1000
Total Transformation package valued at $1500 — Save $500!!!

 Total Transformation package is also available for out of town clients — call Pat for an estimate



Why I am blessed to have found Pat Gibson-

Besides being a mom of two boys, my work environment is almost all boys as well. Ones that are grown up and working on computers.  Being in IT can have you trouble shooting a program or even crawling under a desk to fix cables, not the kind of job that requires a more than a pair of slacks and a uniform shirt.

The combination of all of this for 20 years, results in a person that is not keeping up on the trends let alone the owner of any makeup besides an eye liner and a lip stick.

At work there was one person that always wore the most stylish outfits that really matched her personality and made her stand out in her department.  One day in the coffee room I finally got up the nerve to ask her how she did it.   I am so thankful that she shared her secret weapon. Pat Gibson and her Artistry of You consulting services.   Almost a year later, with a milestone birthday, an almost 30lb weight loss, and on the brink of a promotion, I decided it was time I consulted Pat.

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I started with the color analysis, makeup demo, and style analysis. We first figured out what my body shape was and then my style.  Using questionnaires and discussing styles with Pat she was able to pin point my style.  It was almost like being with a fortuneteller because as she showed me pictures of clothing items that would look good on my body shape that were in my style personality and some were things similar to what I owned  and loved and now I knew why.  As she talked about shapes or styles that would not work, it explained why there were things that never seemed quite right when I tried to wear them.  We even talked about my face shape and which hairstyle and glasses would work best.  One suggested hairstyle was one I had tried a few years earlier and really liked and then had forgotten about as I keep ‘growing it out’ or changing it.  The color fan she developed that I could take home is great to take shopping with me to make sure I start to pick out items that will bring out the best me.


For the makeup demo,  when she first turned my chair around, I was surprised that I could not see a lot of makeup.  I had expected that I would since it had taken a while to create the look.  Boy was I surprised when I got home and only took off the makeup on one side of my face. The difference with the makeup and without was so shocking I even took a photo. That was a wakeup call! What an improvement the foundation and eyebrow pencil alone made. I was really missing out! She provided a guide because yes, I needed to know exactly how to re-create that work and it will take practice again.

Next I scheduled a closet audit and shopping trip. I had every thing ready but was really really nervous.  It is scary to have someone come and see what you have. What if it is like on those TV shows and all of it has to go!  Instead what happened is Pat took photos of items that she saw as having potential. AND there were more than I ever expected. The clothing that was not going to work was going to a good cause of other women who needed clothing for business.   After she assessed where I was missing key items we hit the store.  I picked one store that had accessories and shoes as well as clothing so that we could try full combinations. We were lucky that day in finding items in my color and style.  The best part was next. A few days later I received an email that contained my outfits.  It was photos of the items that we had purchased as well as my own items that I have owned for years, combine into outfits. Color combinations and layers that I had never thought of.  I started to try on the outfits and they were awesome! I felt great and could not believe how much I already had I just needed someone to help ‘put it togehter’. Now I had a shot of looking my best and confidence to go for it. I would not change my choices over the last 20 years for anything but now that I have just started the next 20 years in the career world I want to look and feel my best.  I feel like I have a fighting chance and with the guidance and practice and the website moving forward all I can feel is Thankful. Thankful that my friend shared this wonderful gem of a talent in our midst in Pat Gibson, and thankful that I had the guts to ask Pat for help. THANK YOU PAT!!!!

— Marianne

Make the investment in yourself to transform into the most confident and beautiful version of you!

  • Look and feel younger, more stylish, and more professional and polished.
  • Save money and time, and wake up every morning to a wardrobe that you love and looks great on you.
  • Learn how and where to shop for your personal style, budget and goals
  • Advance in your career and social life as your outer image comes in line with your goals and talents

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