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Image Consulting
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The Artistry of You by Pat Gibson

Welcome to the Artistry of You. As an experienced image consultant, stylist and speaker, my desire is to help each person and organization create their own unique image. One of the key proven success principles for any individual or organization is establishing the visual brand they wish to portray to the world. Utilizing innovative image tools and products, The Artistry of You, provides a unique array of image consulting services and presentations designed to fit you at your needs.  Whether you are a fashion novice, a fashionista, or an organization looking to propel forward, you will find that our results are as unique as you.  Discover how to reveal your best image to achieve your goals and dreams!

Why Hire The Artistry of You for Image Consulting Services?

  • Do you desire to move forward in your social and or professional roles?
  • Are you frustrated or bored with your current wardrobe choices?
  • Has your body changed due to age/weight gain and you need fresh new ideas on how to look great?
  • Are you overwhelmed with your wardrobe and need to simplify and understand how to shop wisely?
  • Do you feel you are too busy to look great?
  • Are you seeking a promotion at work and desire to have your outer image showcase your inner talents?
  • Are you lacking confidence in your appearance and your wardrobe choices?
  • Do you have good style but lack the knowledge of what colors, patterns and shapes are best for you?
  • Are you just in a style rut and need some professional advice?
  • Do you need a speaker who can help your organization mesh your employee’s image with your group’s image and goals?

*If you answered yes to any of the above then give Pat a call today!*

Image Consulting

Personal Consultations — Start Here!

Not sure where to start?  Creating your desired personal image is a journey that will be fun, enlightening and empowering.  We have a plan that is just right for you.

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Image Consulting

Group Presentations

Need a speaker for your event?  Does your company image need a reboot?  Let Pat entertain and educate your group on all facets of your personal brand:   from your physical image including color, style and wardrobe to inner personal skills such as confidence and attitude.

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Image Consulting

Style Muse

Everyone needs a Style Muse!  We all get in a fashion rut now and then.  Pat’s on-going style service is just the right answer when you need a little advice or don’t have time to find the perfect additions for your wardrobe.

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