Closet Makeover

Are you ready to have the wardrobe of your dreams?  What if you could wake up and know you have a virtual “look book” of outfits ready for you to choose?  No more standing in front of your full closet and saying “I have nothing to wear”.

How does a Closet Makeover work?

During your closet makeover, Pat will help you find your very best styles and build a “core” to your wardrobe that you can build upon, so you will never again say “I have nothing to wear”. She will weed out unflattering garments and you will learn why they do not work so you don’t duplicate the same mistakes in the future. You will discover the best colors to base your wardrobe on, your best shapes and fit so you can be empowered to have success with future purchases. Pat  takes photos of key garments and accessories and after your session will send your new wardrobe app-your closet is now at the touch of your fingers, accessible from your computer, Ipad, or your phone!  Choose from your new outfit combinations that have been styled for you. Shop for the missing links in your wardrobe from the web links provided for you after the session.   Pat will guide you with making the best purchases to round out your wardrobe and maximize your new outfit combinations. See New Virtual Wardrobe Revive Special!!!

You will learn and receive:

  • Weed out what doesn’t work for your figure or coloring – A decluttered wardrobe
  • Create new outfits within your closet (30-40 on average) without going shopping-sent digitally so you have new outfit ideas (inspiration) at your fingertips
  • Liberate worn out, unflattering, unfashionable, and unsuitable items
  • Discover hidden “gems” that Pat will incorporate into your new image/outfits
  • Organize your closet into an efficient dressing room as Pat organizes by color and style and teaches you how proper hangers, accessories, etc. will enhance your clothing
  • Create a “core wardrobe” and “shopping plan” to move forward as we discover both key pieces and missing items that can give you the most versatility and mileage to your wardrobe (emailed to client within one week of session)

What is The Artistry of You difference?

Professional results begin with professional advice. Pat is a certified image consultant with over 25 years of experience empowering women through style and fashion. More importantly,  Pat is sensitive, kind and takes the time to truly find out your needs and desires. After all, something so personal should be a fun and enjoyable experience!
Isn’t it time to unleash The Artistry of You?



I had the good fortune to meet Pat through work we’d done with a mutual client. After seeing the dramatic results with my client, I decided to engage in a program. I had my colors done years ago but many of them didn’t feel “right” on me. I engaged in the Color Consultation and the Style 101. Pat confirmed that my colors had changed. She opened up my eyes to a world of new opportunities of colors and best shapes for my body type! I now shop and dress with more ease and confidence. I then engaged in a Closet Audit where Pat comes to your home and helps you determine how to leverage the clothing you already have, design new outfits and she then creates a personalized shopping list for “holes” in your wardrobe. I highly recommend Pat for anyone, whether you’re an executive that wants to look your best in professional environments or just want to look and feel better. Her fashion knowledge is immense and her intuition on guiding each client to new choices is fantastic! If you’ve not engaged in any style consultations or you did a session years ago, I suggest you call Pat. She will change your life!

— Cathy

Why book a Closet Makeover with Pat?

  • Clear the clutter of your unworn clothing and walk into the closet of your dreams each morning
  • Have stylish outfit photo collages created and ready to access via your phone or computer
  • Learn to purchase, wear and keep only those garments that flatter your figure, coloring and personal style
  • Have a shopping plan to move forward that will maximize the versatility and flexibility of your wardrobe
  • Look and feel great about your personal brand and save time, money and frustration

Isn't it time to unleash The Artistry of You? Call Pat at 440-212-2269 or email