Style Consultation

Discover the styles that flatter your body shape and express your personal style. We’ll look at clothing styles, shape and fit, hairstyle and length, shoes, scarves, purses, jewelry and more!

What is a Style Consultation?

My professional style consultation builds on the color consultation, giving you the know-how to create and maintain a wardrobe that infuses you with confidence and takes your self-esteem to new heights. You will walk, talk, and think differently.  The results of every style consultation are personalized for each client. You will not only learn how to find your style, but you will become a magnet for new and exciting opportunities and relationships. In your professional life, people will see you as more professional, more capable, and even more promotable.

Personal Styling as Unique as You

How does a Style Consultation work?

As your personal image consultant we will talk and get to know each other and take a look at your current successes as well as frustrations when it comes to your wardrobe and image.  We will look at a few of your favorite garments and accessories and discuss what is working and what needs to change in order to move your style forward.  You will learn the art of choosing garments and accessories that bring out your unique inner beauty and discover your unique physical characteristics, your own personal style preferences and your sense of expression utilizing discussion, style boards, a clothing personality quiz and more!

The Artistry of You Style consultations build upon the foundation of the Style Infusion session:

In our Style Infusion consultation you will learn and receive:

  • A style guidebook with key line and design principles and how to apply them correctly to your figure
  • Body shape and face shape analysis with photo suggestions of new hairstyles and key garment features to look for and those to avoid
  • Personal Style analysis with 4-6 favorite garments/accessories and tips on tweaking/updating your style
  • Measurements taken for virtual shopping suggestions and future consultations
  • Best 2 neutral colors to base your wardrobe on and a “core” wardrobe guide to ensure you build your wardrobe wisely
  • Skin Analysis and mini makeover session *(separate appointment booked if “We come to you”)
  • Bonus #1: 20 minute Style Muse (virtual shopping) from Pat on suggested additions to your current wardrobe to instantly update your style!
  • Bonus #2:  $50 credit applied to any “package” purchased within 30 days of Style Infusion consultation

The Ultimate Style Consultation: An advanced style session that builds upon the foundation of the Style Infusion

Receive all the above from the Style Infusion consultation plus…

  • Understand how to look your best through artful styling and coordination strategies
  • In depth analysis of your personal style and shopping plan with brand and store suggestions to find needed garments and accessories
  • Customized personal style website which includes all of the things to look for in a garment or accessory and those to avoid, including everything from hats, tops, bottoms, accessories shoes and more!  Over 660 garment elements are covered!  And….link to a shopping portal to find the garments you need online and a “style genie” to help you assess whether or not a style online will work for your figure!

style consultation

Style Muse

Everyone needs style advice now and then.  Whether you are in a style rut or need some help for a special occasion, Pat’s Style Muse service can get you on the right track to finding what you need!


“I’ve always thought (and been told) that I had a great/good sense of style but realized, after working with Pat, that I was wearing styles and/or colors that were not flattering for my body shape and skin color. I never knew that I had broad shoulders (in relation to the rest of my figure) and a rectangular body shape, or that I should wear clothes with a medium contrast rather than bold prints and bright colors. I used to buy clothes in my favorite color- bright pink- or in black and white and now realize there are so many more beautiful options that enhance my skin tone and personality much better…and I can still have the look I am striving for, whether it is professional or a casual look. The color analysis, style consultation and wardrobe audit were absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend them! Pat has opened my eyes to the beauty of different colors, textures, fabrics, jewelry, and clothing styles that I would have never known were suited to me. She has helped me to realize the importance of looking at our natural beauty and enhancing it with the right style, color and makeup choices.”


Change the Way You Shop and Get Dressed Every Morning!

  • Update your look –hair, glasses, clothing and style as you understand why things enhance or detract from your image
  • Learn how to build from a “core” wardrobe and spend your money wisely moving forward
  • Save time, money and frustration as you learn key essentials to build your best wardrobe and image
  • Prevent costly fashion blunders as you know what styles to look for and which ones to avoid
  • Get out of a fashion rut as Pat guides you to new stores and styles you may have never tried before

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