Skin Care and Cosmetics

Your image is not only the clothing and accessories you place on your body.  Your face, your smile and your attitude are some of the first things a person notices about you.  Having a smooth, glowing and youthful looking canvas is essential to having a great cosmetic look.  By utilizing a proven, high quality, personalized skin care and cosmetic regimen, Pat can help you achieve your best image possible.

Put Your Best Face Forward with Artistry® Skincare and Cosmetics

The Artistry® brand is passionate about empowering every woman to discover, own and revel in her individual beauty.  This philosophy goes right along with my belief that every woman is her own unique work of art and why I am passionate about sharing this amazing line with my clients.

Artistry® is among the world’s top 5, largest selling, premium skin care brands and the world’s top 10 largest selling premium cosmetic brands.  Artistry® products utilize a groundbreaking approach to beauty: uniting nature, science, and art to offer some of the most scientifically innovative and advanced beauty solutions. It’s all about forward beauty-constantly pushing the boundaries of beauty through discovery, imagination and invention.

Satisfaction guaranteed!  Artistry® has a 180-day, 100% love it or your money back guarantee.

Each image package Pat offers includes a skin analysis, personalized skin care recommendations and mini cosmetic makeover.  This can be purchased separately as well for $49.  Learn how to put your best face forward with Pat’s personalized recommendations!


As part of my Total Transformation package Pat did a skin analysis and makeover with Artistry® skin care and cosmetics. After the skin analysis, (where Pat looked at my face using her Skin Analyzer magnifier machine), she applied the proper skin care and applied makeup in the correct colors based on my color analysis.   When she first turned my chair around, I was surprised that I could not see a lot of makeup.  I had expected that I would since it had taken a while to create the look, but I did want a natural look.  Boy was I surprised when I got home and only took off the makeup on one side of my face. The difference with the makeup and without was so shocking I even took a photo. That was a wakeup call! What an improvement the foundation and eyebrow pencil alone made. I was really missing out! She provided a guide because yes, I needed to know exactly how to re-create that look and know how to apply everything.  I purchased her recommendations and I am very pleased with the results.

— Marianne

What is The Artistry of You difference?

Professional results begin with professional advice. Pat is a certified image consultant with over 25 years of experience empowering women through style and fashion. More importantly,  Pat is sensitive, kind and takes the time to truly find out your needs and desires. After all, something so personal should be a fun and enjoyable experience!
Isn’t it time to unleash The Artistry of You?

As a teenager I struggled with extremely oily skin and constant breakouts across my face chest and back.  I tried every over the counter product but nothing took it away.  As I entered the working world the oil and acne continued and I started to try the better department store brands to try to get relief from the stress of my red and acne prone skin.  The better brands helped but I never truly found a solution that gave me the beautiful skin I had dreamed of.  Then I tried Artistry®.  I found that the products offering was wide enough to help all types of skin conditions, including mine which now included dryness from the various acne products I was using.  There are skin care systems that are tailored to each skin condition and age, and through the years I have found the skin I had dreamed of!  I now use a combination of the Youth Xtend® and Ideal Radiance® Systems to achieve the glowing youthful skin I had always hoped for.  In fact, my skin is better looking now at age 52 than when I was a teenager.  I use all Artistry® cosmetics and am particularly great at recommending foundation and color products due to my color training.  I have a passion to help others find the best skin care regimen and cosmetics because when it comes to our image, our face is the first thing people see.   I can help you put your best face forward!

— Pat Gibson


Photo by Dan Veloski

I am so grateful I met Pat at a shopping event. She not only helped me with my purchases at that event but also I have benefitted from so many dynamic services Pat offers. I now know what colors help me shine, I have an updated look, and transformed my closet and shopping skills.  Pat also helped me to have the best skin possible. I no longer spend time on colors or styles that aren’t my best. I feel more confident that I can manage my wardrobe and look my best thanks to Pat providing me a color consult, working with me going through my closet and then providing me with an album of outfits from my wardrobe and a shopping list to finalize my wardrobe. I now have knowledge and skills and my closet allows easy access to my clothes. It makes getting ready so easy! I feel so happy to have offloaded so many outdated and unflattering clothes and shoes with Pat’s help!  With her vast knowledge of skin care and cosmetics I also have an easy skin care routine that helps me look youthful and glowing, and with Pat’s color training I now only wear the best cosmetic colors which bring out my unique coloring and features.  I encourage you to book a consultation with Pat. It feels amazing!


— Kathy, Dietician

Why choose Pat and Artistry to put your best face forward?

  • Pat has 25+ years’ experience in the image and beauty industries and understands the challenges of problematic and aging skin
  • The Artistry® brand has a 180-day “love it or your money back” guarantee- they stand behind their products like no other in the beauty industry
  • Pat’s unique training enables her to recommend not only the best skin care but also the best colors for you in foundation and color products such as eye shadows, blush and lip color
  • Utilizing the Skin Analyzer Magnifier machine, a valued tool in the skin care industry, Pat can see beneath the top layers of your skin to see the current condition of your skin and determine the best regimen for you
  • The Artistry® brand is the best combination of science and nature-utilizing ground breaking technology combined with botanicals to give you products that are clinically tested and guaranteed to perform
  • Pat’s image experience enables her to discover and recommend the products that will make the biggest enhancement to your image and confidence

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