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A few years ago I invested in a package with Pat where I learned my best colors and styles. We also did a closet audit where we weeded out the things that didn’t work for me whether in color, style or both. During the audit she put together new outfits within my closet…things I would have never thought of putting together and gave me a photo catalog to remember the outfit combinations. These consultations have taught me how to shop with confidence and success in addition to saving money as I only purchase those things that I know will be fabulous. I have a much better understanding of my style and body and what looks good on me.

Pat’s new service, Virtual Shopping, was a huge time-saver for me. We did a “Closet Revive” and then she did the “Virtual Shopping” for me for those things she suggested would maximize my travel wardrobe. All I had to do was choose from the selections she found. I made my purchases quickly and easily and knew what to pair them with when they arrived!

I think I will do a “Closet Revive” in the Fall and Spring each year and save tons of money, time and frustration!!!!


I did Pat’s Color Analysis and Style Savvy consultations and they made all the difference with my professional headshots. These consultations are a must for any professional, especially those in the public eye. Armed with the knowledge of my best colors and styles I will always make the best purchases from here on out.


Pat Gibson changed my life. When I was venturing out into the business world she helped me define my signature look. I wanted to improve my professional appearance and with Pat’s help and a color and style consultation, I was able to enter the business world with more confidence and self-assurance than I would have otherwise felt.
We eventually performed a closet audit and the results were amazing, I got rid of stuff I would never have worn again and put together outfits that I did not know I had. The best part is the organization, my clothes are in order, an order that I have been able to maintain for 3 years and a move to a new home. Armed with my new found confidence, I have started a new 501-3C charitable organization to help disadvantaged women called First Impression.

I highly recommend Pat’s style consulting services for all your image needs.


For the first time in my life, I feel like I am being released into beauty… Or perhaps, beauty from within is being drawn to the surface. A friend said my transformation reminded him of a “blossoming flower.” I am so grateful to Pat for the amazing changes that have come from her input, expertise, and guidance. She is careful to find out who I am before we even begin. She doesn’t simply show me “what’s in,” but teaches me how to express that inner person in a more effective way. I’ve still got lots to learn, but I now have a much better understanding of why a particular style of clothing really “works” for me, or why I am drawn to wear certain colors. Now, when I shop, I have more confidence in my ability to make good choices (and I’m much less likely to return something because it’s “not quite right”)! I am excited about the future, and learning to really like the lady in the mirror!


It was so helpful to have Pat do my shopping for me online!  I am a busy business owner and could not find the time to go shopping for a fall and winter coat.  In 2 hours Pat found me several beautiful coats to choose from and I have more hope and excitement than I have had in years that I can find stylish and flattering garments for my figure.  All it took was a few minutes of my time to discuss with Pat me needs and sizes and away she went.  She sent me links to more than 20 choices of coats that would all work for my figure and coloring…along with comments as to which ones were her favorites.  I even learned about a new site that I can shop at.  Now all I have to do is decide from the many great choices!


The Women’s Journal is honored to work with Pat Gibson and feature her as an informative and enthusiastic speaker. Hearing Pat Gibson is an investment in your career. Every attendee leaves with information on how to look and feel their best both personally and professionally. Pat’s expert advice, attention to detail and caring nature keep attendees engaged and always wanting more!

kelli cole wagner

Kelli Cole-Wagner

Publisher, The Medina County Women's Journal

Pat is so creative…I always thought I did pretty well in putting an outfit together but she showed me ways to create totally new outfits. She helped me refine my taste and explained what looked good on me and why. She is so fun to work with and makes becoming a “new you” very easy process.


Having worked with stylists in the past, I had a pretty good idea about what colors and styles are the most flattering for me – and a fairly robust professional wardrobe.  However, I found myself “stuck” on the “what to wear for the exceptions” (that seem happen on an almost weekly basis!)  How do you dress for a 70 degree day in November?  What do you wear to a county fair?  How do you transition from a speaking engagement to dinner with friends (without time to change)?

Pat’s Monthly Style Muse is the perfect solution.  Each month she sends solutions to some of my biggest challenges!  By following her advice, I’m saving time and money.  Plus, I have more confidence and a lot less frustration when I get dressed.

It’s like having a personal stylist in my pocket.

Lisa Crilley Mallis


After working with Pat on and doing a color analysis and style session, we revamped my makeup, wardrobe and hair style.  Later on, she was the first one I thought of to help me in choosing a new frame and style for glasses.  She helped me make the best choice for color and style.  I love them and always get compliments on them.  When working with the photographer in choosing a new head shot, the pics with these new glasses turned out best.  Thank you Pat for your eye for detail, color, and style; and your help in making a good choice in glasses amidst many options!


I am so grateful I met Pat at a shopping event. She not only helped me with my purchases at that event but also I have benefitted from so many dynamic services Pat offers. I now know what colors help me shine, I have an updated look, and transformed my closet and shopping skills.  Pat also helped me to have the best skin possible. I no longer spend time on colors or styles that aren’t my best. I feel more confident that I can manage my wardrobe and look my best thanks to Pat providing me a color consult, working with me going through my closet and then providing me with an album of outfits from my wardrobe and a shopping list to finalize my wardrobe. I now have knowledge and skills and my closet allows easy access to my clothes. It makes getting ready so easy! I feel so happy to have offloaded so many outdated and unflattering clothes and shoes with Pat’s help!  With her vast knowledge of skin care and cosmetics I also have an easy skin care routine that helps me look youthful and glowing, and with Pat’s color training I now only wear the best cosmetic colors which bring out my unique coloring and features.  I encourage you to book a consultation with Pat. It feels amazing!


Pat has such a gift and talent! She recommended I go darker with my hair which is something that may not have occurred to me. Through her color analysis consultation, I learned the best colors to wear in clothing, hair color and even accessories. I have made the transition and have received nothing but compliments! People say that it really makes my eyes pop and compliments my skin tone. She totally nailed it!! I love it!! Thank you Pat!!!


I knew that I had a pretty good idea of what styles that I liked, but what I wasn’t sure of which ones looked good on me. I also knew there were colors that worked, but not being sure I tended to revert to the neutrals such as gray and black. Pat helped me to know what to look for that flatters my particular figure and coloring. This has helped me to save money and frustration when shopping for my wardrobe. In fact, this is a photo of my first shopping trip after my consultation with Pat and my text to her…Look what I found on my first shopping trip. I had my color wheel out! I would have never picked any of these before you. Thank you!!!!


I had a color consultation with Pat and it has really helped me to know how to look my best.  She also did my makeup for a friend’s wedding and taught me how to emphasize my best features as well as how important using the correct foundation and cosmetic colors are to your entire look.  It has helped me shop for the best styles and has even made shopping online simpler and more successful.


“I met Pat by what I consider divine appointment.  It was a chance meeting of being in the right place at the right time.  I had many ideas on what an image consultant was and Pat didn’t fit those stereotypes.  She was kind, articulate and savvy and I felt drawn to find out more.  As a business owner it is important to look polished at all times.  Additionally, and most importantly for me, I am in the fitness and wellness field.  There is significantly more pressure to look a certain way in my area of expertise and in the past few years my body shape had changed due to illness and a few surgeries.  My clothes didn’t fit the same anymore and I needed help to feel the best in my new skin.  It was a refreshing experience to talk to Pat candidly about my “flaws” and insecurities and to be vulnerable.  She was super sweet and her process was so clear and concise that I never felt overwhelmed like I anticipated.  In fact, it was a blast!!  Let me be clear, I have never liked shopping.  Never.  Now, I look forward to it because she even helped me learn how to do that properly!  Pat doesn’t just give you information; she tells you why something is important and then shows you how to apply it in your existing closet and any store you like to shop at.  She even went to various thrift and consignment shops with me to show me that sometimes you can put together a perfect outfit with only a few dollars instead of a few hundred! Pat’s expertise and service is one of the best investments I made in myself and my business and I highly recommend her to anyone!”



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