Wardrobe Revive

Sometimes our wardrobe needs a reboot.  Maybe we have had a Closet Makeover but we want help finding outfits for the new season or a special black tie event or wedding. This consultation is best after a full closet makeover but can be utilized anytime and is  great for seasonal updates to your wardrobe.

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Do you need an update?
Are you tied of wearing the same lack-luster outfits?
Does your wardrobe need reviving??
Do you need an amazing outfit for a special occasion?

Wardrobe Revive

Pat will come to your home and assess the current “core” or foundation of your wardrobe.  We will take photos of these core items as well as your favorite “hero” items.  We will build upon these items and create new outfits with suggested purchases from Pat’s shopping list that will be created.  You will not only receive the new outfit collages combining your existing wardrobe with new suggestions from Pat, but you can also shop from Pat’s virtual shopping links that will be sent to you after the session.  This consultation is great for seasonal wardrobe updates, travel wardrobes, updating your wardrobe due to weight gain or loss, or changes in your lifestyle (such as retirement or job changes).

Wardrobe Revive includes:

  • 1 hour in home assessment/photos taken
  • 1 hour virtual shopping sent digitally and outfit collages sent digitally.

Investment: $175

Wardrobe Revive Plus

Includes everything in the above Wardrobe Revive plus:

  • 3 additional hours of In-person personal shopping with Pat at mutually agreed upon shopping destination(s).
  • Bonus of additional photo collages after the shopping session of new items paired with exiting garments

Investment:  $350

This consultation is great for seasonal wardrobe updates, updating your wardrobe due to weight gain or loss, or changes in your lifestyle (such as retirement or job changes) and if you want in person personal shopping with Pat.

Wardrobe Revive for Special Occasions

Includes everything in the above Wardrobe Revive plus:

  • Customized personal style website which includes all of the things to look for in a garment or accessory and those to avoid, including everything from hats, tops, bottoms, accessories shoes and more!  Over 660 garment elements are covered!  And….link to a shopping portal to find the garments you need online and a “style genie” to help you assess whether or not a style online will work for your figure!  This is a crucial tool for choosing and finding formalwear as each designer has different size standards- this will eliminate the guesswork on what styles will work and flatter your figure the best.
  •  A special style board with suggestions on the dress/accessory styles to look for and where to shop for them sent digitally after the session

Investment:  $325


A few years ago I invested in the Total Transformation package with Pat where I learned my best colors and styles.  We also did a closet audit where we weeded out the things that didn’t work for me whether in color, style or both. During the audit she put together new outfits within my closet…things I would have never thought of putting together and gave me a photo catalog to remember the outfit combinations.  These consultations have taught me how to shop with confidence and success in addition to saving money as I only purchase those things that I know will be fabulous.  I have a much better understanding of my style and body and what looks good on me.  Because I am petite, many of the stores do not carry my size anymore.  I now shop online with success as well.

Pat’s new service, Style Muse, was a huge time-saver for me.  We did a “Wardrobe Revive” and then she did the Style Muse or “Virtual Shopping” for me for those things she suggested would maximize my travel wardrobe.   All I had to do was choose from the selections she found. I made my purchases quickly and easily and knew what to pair them with when they arrived!

When it was time to pack for my upcoming trip, I used the photos to help me quickly and efficiently pack my suitcase.  During my trip, I had numerous outfits to choose from and most importantly I felt confident in my outfits.  It was a time saver for a busy mom of two who would rather spend time with my family than worrying about packing outfits.”

I think I will do a “Wardrobe Revive” in the Fall and Spring each year and save tons of money, time and frustration!!!!

— Jessica

Book a Wardrobe Revive Today!

  • Assess your wardrobe each season and learn how to add to your wardrobe only the best colors and styles
  • Receive professional style/shopping guidance for the most important events of your life
  • Have stylish outfit photo collages created and ready to access via your phone or computer
  • Learn to purchase the on-trend items that suit your figure and coloring
  • Have a shopping plan each season to move forward that will maximize the versatility and flexibility of your wardrobe
  • Keep your closet full of exciting new outfit combinations that make getting dressed every morning a breeze!

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