Color Analysis

Color is the fundamental piece that affects all other elements of your style — your color pallet is more important than your hairstyle, clothes, and shoes. This is why we begin our image journey with a color consultation. Psychologists have long since known that color is the first thing we notice about one another, and the impact of color is immediate and lasting. Let’s find out which colors best compliment you and which ones you should avoid!

What is a Color Analysis?

Color analysis is the study of color and how it relates to a person’s natural pigmentations in their skin, hair and eyes. As a color consultant, I am trained in Color Flow Analysis, the most sophisticated process of color determination. I work with color fans that are customized to each client, as no two peoples’ coloring is exactly alike.
I’ll help you identify your signature colors that make you look your best. We’ll go far beyond the simple “winter/summer/spring/autumn” color pallets and begin by choosing from 12 customizable color fans — the best in the industry.

How does a Color Analysis work?

During your color draping consultation you will learn how and why some colors enhance your appearance, giving you the image of health, youth and vitality. You’ll also learn which colors detract, leaving you looking tired, old, and even ill.

You will learn:

  • The best range of colors for your clothing and hair color
  • The best colors for your accessories
  • The correct cosmetic colors to bring out your best features
  • Your best contrast level and how to achieve it
  • How to pleasingly coordinate colors for your unique palette
  • Your “signature” colors and neutrals to base your “core” wardrobe on
  • Your best fabrics, textures and patterns

You will receive:

  • Your own customized color fan – a handy professional shopping tool
  • Your customized 20-page color guide highlighting all of the details of your consultation

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I knew that I had a pretty good idea of what styles that I liked, but what I wasn’t sure of which ones looked good on me.  I also knew there were colors that worked, but not being sure I tended to revert to the neutrals such as gray and black.  Pat helped me to know what to look for that flatters my particular figure and coloring. This has helped me to save money and frustration when shopping for my wardrobe.  In fact, this is a photo of my first shopping trip after my consultation with Pat and my text to her…”Look what I found on my first shopping trip.  I had my color wheel out!  I would have never picked any of these before you. Thank you!!!!

— Amy

Benefits of Color Analysis

  • Proper color allows you to confidently make clothing, hair, makeup and accessory decisions
  • Wearing the best colors for your skin tone, hair and eye color can make you look younger, sharper, polished and professional
  • Increased self confidence
  • Save money, time and frustration when shopping
  • Knowing your correct colors will help you look more healthy, vibrant and youthful
  • You’ll have more options and fun with your wardrobe — a cohesive color pallet makes mixing and matching much easier!

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