Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Image Consulting

How are you different from a stylist?

As an image consultant, I am trained to be more than a stylist. A stylist knows how to put together a stylish outfit as well as keeping up on the current trends. As an image consultant, I am further trained in line, design and color principles. Because every person is unique, I can tell you not only how to put a great outfit together but also understand the best shapes, styles and colors specifically for you!

Basically that cute outfit that a stylist put on a model may not work for your figure and coloring, and that is how an image consultant is different. I can help you understand how to modify that outfit for your figure, or change the color, etc. to ensure you’re looking your very best.

Do I have to start with a particular service first?

No you do not. My clients prefer to start with Color Analysis as it affects every aspect of their image, but depending on your budget and needs we can start with what fits best for you. We offer convenient packages or, select a single service.

I am in the process of trying to lose weight. Should I still meet with you?

Absolutely! Many of us have different weight goals, and we experience many changes throughout our lives which can affect our weight. This is exactly the time to meet with me. We need to feel and look good no matter where we are with our weight. Many of the principles that I will teach you about fit, body shape and lines will not change as you lose weight. Knowing the style and color principles for your unique figure will make you feel better and more confident no matter what.

Do I need to be a certain size or skin tone to work with you?

No. Every woman is unique and we all have our set of challenges. Whether your challenge is about your figure or coloring, shopping habits or other challenges, I can help you achieve your image goals. I desire to help every person understand that looking and feeling great has nothing to do with age, shape, weight or color. It has everything to do with knowing how to dress your unique design. Every person is uniquely beautiful!

What if my style is different than all of your clients have similar styles?

This is a common question and some stylists do prefer certain designers and styles. But this is not me. I look at each person and their total image, taking the time to learn your personality and goals. Your image and style will be unique to you alone and my mission is to help you discover how to mesh what looks good on you with what message (your signature style) you want to portray to the world.

My closet is a bit of a mess….I’m a little embarrassed to have you see it as well as what I have (or don’t have) in my wardrobe…but I know I need the Closet Audit. How can you help?

We’ve all been there – looking into a collection of outdated fads and styles gathering dust in the corners of our closet. While I am not a professional organizer, I am experienced in assessing a wardrobe and clean out what isn’t working. After our session you will have a wardrobe that is color coded and easy to access for your needs, and will include only those things that are flattering (and you will understand why). You will have a photo gallery of outfits to choose from and a game plan for shopping…it will be so worth it! If you need additional organizational help outside of image consulting, such as with the design of your actual closet, just ask as I have a referral for you.

Can we keep our consultations private?

Yes of course! I do appreciate referrals as they are the best, but our style, color and image consultations are between you and me and it is up to you if you would like to share with others and I respect your right to decide. If I take photos they are for just for our reference and I will never use a photo without your permission.

Where do you take clients utilizing your services as a personal shopper to purchase clothing and accessories?

Every client will be different depending on their needs and budget. I am well versed in the local shopping venues as well as online options, and because I am independent I do not have to shop at one particular place. Before we shop, we will discuss what we hope to find, your budget and any favorite brands or stores. We will then make a plan to utilize our time to the fullest.

Do you help your clients improve just the outer image, or are there other image-related services you offer?

I believe that our image is much more than what we wear. This is a big part of course, as we are visual beings, but our image encompasses much more including our self-esteem, our gifts, our attitude, our smile and more. The Hire a Speaker area of my website outlines services for delving into the inner image and professionalism…but you don’t have to be a professional to utilize them. Improving your self-esteem and confidence can benefit anyone who wants to have the ability to achieve their personal, business and financial goals.

Do I need to have a large budget in order to work with you?

No. Every woman has a different outlook on what she spends on her wardrobe. What you need to know is that working with me is an investment in yourself. But it is an investment that will pay off in huge dividends! You will have more confidence; learn how to shop wisely, and even save money and frustration, as most women waste money on things that don’t flatter their figures. I can help you shop and look great whether you shop at thrift and consignment stores or the top department stores and boutiques. Some women will purchase the Total Image Makeover package and some will start with one service like a Color Analysis. We will figure out the best way to approach your image goals.

Will you be critical if my style needs a lot of help or you see me in my sweat pants someday?

Absolutely not! I love helping people who haven’t quite discovered their style. It is a challenge and I love when I help someone become confident in who they really are….and if I see you in your sweat pants I will know that you are comfy. I try to live my life judgment free – you never know when you might see me at a “not my best” moment.

How much will this really cost me?

That is up to you, but clients who really want to understand their best colors, styles and how to shop will invest in the total image package and subscribe to my Style Muse for ongoing training.

Statistics show that most women spend $6,000 to $8,000 on their wardrobe every five years. An estimated 80% of that is wasted while it sits in their closet or makeup drawer because it doesn’t suit them. That is an estimated $5,000 wasted! The return on investment after working with me is real. You could save thousands of dollars over your lifetime with the knowledge I will give you. I hope you decide you are worth it…because I know you are!

Do you work with men and children?

Yes, for men I have a Color Analysis consultation or a Color and Style consultation, as well as my virtual style for men.

For children, I recommend waiting to do a color and style consultation until after they are done with puberty and the changes that comes with it. I do however, do color analysis for girls who do pageants, acting etc. as many times thousands of dollars are spent on costumes and parents want to purchase flattering colors for their children.

Do you offer other services or packages other than what I see on the corporate image page?

Absolutely. Many of my corporate sessions will be a presentation followed by a question and answer period or individual consultations, but each company is different. I will put together a customized package based on your goals, timing and budget.

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