Woman who knows what goes on the hanger
Woman who knows what goes on the hanger

Total Image Confidence

Achieve Total Image Confidence with Pat GibsonPat Gibson 2014-2

Everyone deserves to look good and feel confident when they walk out the door.  Sometimes it’s easy to understand how to achieve that confidence.  But, more often than not, we could all use a bit of help.

Do these statements describe you?

  • You are very talented but you feel your image doesn’t quite convey your skills and capabilities?
  • What you wear or how you look doesn’t always “match up” with how you feel?
  • You feel like you’d like to be more “polished” but you don’t know where to start or which changes will make the most difference?
  • You haven’t had a wardrobe or image (hair, makeup, etc.) update in quite some time and feel like there might be a better “look” for you?
  • You love to shop and invest money on your wardrobe, but you would like to know if you are choosing the best colors and styles?
  • You frequently stand in front of your closet and think “I have nothing to wear!!!”

You are not alone! In fact, research has found that 95% of women wear only 20% of the items in their closet.  Most often, this is due to a lack of understanding of what colors, styles and shapes look best on our bodies.

I understand and I can help!  My business, The ARTISTRY of You, LLC, represents the culmination of two decades of training and experience from both the beauty and fashion industries.  My passion is to give you Total Image Confidence.  I teach you the key building blocks, giving you the ability to have confidence, create the image you want, and save time, money and frustration.  Read more about my background by clicking here.

Every person has a unique beauty and style, and my goal – and passion – is to bring out that beauty in you and make you SHINE.

Product CollageI offer the following specialty services in individual and/or group settings:


And, working with me, you will be able to

  • Shop economically in less time AND get stylish and wearable outfits
  • See dramatic results with clinically proven Artistry® Skincare and Cosmetics
  • Have a much better understanding of the styles and colors that complement your body type and face shape
  • Be more confident!

Beth - Before and AfterClick here to see some dramatic before and after makeovers!Meghan Graf - Side By Side

Ultimately, your image and style are about confidence and feeling good about who you are.  I desire to help every person understand that looking and feeling great has nothing to do with age, shape or weight.  It had everything to do with knowing how to dress your unique design.  Every person is uniquely beautiful!

If you want to have Total Image Confidence, contact me at (440) 212-2269 or  I look forward to helping you!